Sold Magazine Features RPL Partner Mark H. Moore in Article on Graffiti Art and 5Pointz Trial

On November 1, Sold Magazine published an article about graffiti as artwork and the 5Pointz art space and trial. Sold asked RPL Partner Mark H. Moore to weigh in on the application of the Visual Artists Rights Act to graffiti art and, specifically, developments in the lawsuit challenging the destruction of that art at the 5Pointz space by its property developer.

“As the trial is ongoing, outcomes are purely speculative.  Plaintiffs Jonathan “Meres” Cohen and some 20 other artists “appear to have a good shot at showing that the artists’ work meets the statutory standard under VARA, affording the works protection,” says Mark H. Moore, partner at Reavis Parent LLP in Manhattan.  VARA — the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 — is a federal law granting certain rights to artists.” Read the full article here.

On November 7, the jury for the trial found the 5Pointz developer guilty of illegally destroying the graffiti, though the verdict is advisory and the judge will make the final determination on the issues.

Mr. Moore is a partner at the firm practicing in litigation and dispute resolution and employment law.

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